Oil and Gas Solutions

Midad Upstream has a clear objective to provide our upstream clients with top of class services, products and technology that will enhance their drilling operation, increase production rate and cut cost by provide latest enabling technologies. We are currently supplying a number of newly proven technologies.

A good example of such technology deployment is our rig-less Electrical Submersible Pump system (cable-deployed system). Along with our principle, we have successfully managed to help in deploying very long liner and completion system in horizontal extended reach wells using a tool that is reducing drag and torque.

Another technology deployment example involves using one of the strongest chemical cleaning system called SpacerTek where the production rate of Oil Wells treated with this system have increased by at least 50%.

Midad Upstream Division conducts its business through joint ventures and representation agreements with global leaders. Such partnership includes service companies and manufacturing facilities to supply required services and material to Oil & Gas operations. We manage our portfolio of companies and principles with a competent professional team dedicated to access and evaluate any new opportunities or promote new technologies, manufacturing products or providing the service to our customers. We are also focusing on product development manufacturing process as well as enhance relations with current and prospective partners.